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Texas A&M University's 12th Man Foundation Logo

TAMU 12th Man Foundation Logo by Silver Smith

The TAMU 12th Man Foundation Logo designed by Chris "Silver" Smith
I was commissioned to design an alternate logo for A&M's 12Man Foundation
while I was Manager of Cartrographics. The Foundation desired a new logo which
would better lend itself to use on embroidered sportsclothes than the existing
Foundation logos.

To this end, I designed a logo which retained the feel of the original logos,
and which harkened strongly back to the deep maroon tradition of the
University itself. To enable this logo to communicate that it meant royalty
(which is really what the 12Man membership is—the royalty of the Aggie sports
world), I used a shield-shaped badge like the old heraldic arms of times past
and incorporated two of A&M's most recognizable logos in separate fields.
The two fields are pulled together and visually unified by the word "Foundation"
in the center.

Below are a few examples of the sportswear which carries my logo design, all of
which were available in the 12th Man catalog (for foundation members).

12th Man logo hats

12th Man Logo Shirts


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