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Dream of Cotton

Dream of Cotton - football painting by Silver Smith. Copyright 2009.
"Dream of Cotton", 1989, 4.5' x 3', acrylics on masonite with inlaid wood frame
Original resides in the collection of the Wilson Office Products Company of Texas


In this painting, I tried a more conceptual approach to communication, still retaining photo-realistic depiction techniques to build on my discipline.

The windows are recognizable as part of the decorative stone treatment of the old Cushing Library section of A&M's Sterling C. Evans Library Complex.

I wished to conceptually show the contrast between two of A&M's primary attributes: academia and sports. During the time I painted this, the university was suffering from major scandals involving the football program coached by Jackie Sherill. I was trying to depict a football game as though it were reflected from the windows of one of the university's more recognizable academically-oriented buildings.

The unusual stonework of this building and a few other classically inspired buildings around the campus inspired me to produce a number of drawing and painting studies for some time after. It amuses me that so many of these stoneworks are all around the student body as they walk around campus on their day-to-day duties, and yet they never seem to notice and appreciate the imagination and workmanship involved in them until they are taken out of context and presented to them in unique artworks such as this.

This painting won a Purchase Award for me in the Wilson Office Products Company's state-wide Student Art Contest back when I was in college, and later was shown in the company's offices in major cities throughout Texas.

I do not have prints of this work available at this time, but if you would be interested in obtaining a print of this work please drop me a line. If enough interest in this picture is shown I will have prints made up.


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