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Map to Former President George W. Bush's Home, Dallas, TX



Example I created of a custom Google Map integration. Indications are that some map one-box listings may be generated by Google, solely from user-generated maps, such as this one I've created.

Former President George W. BushIf that is true, then the KML maps system may be prone to a form of "Google-bombing", as I noted in this article about a business which thought it was possibly being targeted by a hate group.

As you may be aware, the most famous Google-bomb was committed when a few people online wanted to get George W. Bush's webpage on Whitehouse.gov to rank high in Google search results when one submitted "miserable failure" as the search term phrase.

While I'm fairly convinced that it might be similarly easy to perpetrate Google-bombings via submitting well-formed KML files for Google Maps, I don't particularly want to make Bush's new home address location rank for the infamous "miserable failure" search term for this experiment (I feel deploying negative content just for an example to be somewhat risky or unethical).

However, I see that no map one-box is appearing when searching for "former president george w. bush home in dallas", and his home address is already fairly well-publicised, so making a custom map location around this phrase seem innocuous to me. To round out the map, I also added some other sightseeing locations, making it something of a tourist hotspot map. Here's the address:

Home of Former President George W. Bush
10141 Daria Place
Dallas, TX 75229 USA

Telephone: (214) 890-9943

Coming Soon! I expect to post a blog piece about this experiment, once it's had a chance to percolate in Google & Google Maps indexing/processing. [Here's the KML file for this custom Google Map.]

President George Bush's Home in Dallas, Tx in a larger map




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