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Silver Smithart → Stone Lions

Stone Lions - drawing by Silver Smith

Stone Lions - Texas A&M University Administration Building

"Stone Lions", 1989, 8.5" x 11", Primsmacolor Pencils on Canson Paper
Inspired by Decorative Frieze around A&M's University Administration Building


This was one of a series of sketch studies I did on the decorative stonework on buildings around the university.

The University Administration Building (formerly the System Administration Building) carries many unusual and ideosyncratic stone sculptures on its fašade. I did a number of interpretive studies based on this building and others around campus. I will be putting those other images up on-line within a short time period, so check back here often if you are interested in my handling of this subject matter.

It is amazing to me that so many people wander through our TAMU campus and fail to notice all of the fascinating architectural artworks around them. Many people who have viewed my works in various exhibitions have told me that they had never seen these stoneworks previously, though.

A very-limited, signed print of this artwork is available for sale at this time.

The prints are limited to 25 copies total, each sold for $30 (sales tax not included).


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